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Case Study: Client X Countering missed deadlines and increased costs

  • made necessary drastic changes
  • paid extreme attention to detail
  • restructured workflow
  • emphasized accountability
  • met every deadline

For years, Client X had developed annual internal reports containing a combination of financial reporting, complex business analytics, and summaries of overall business processes. These reports require extreme attention to detail and can range from 45 to 375 pages. Our client’s internal agency was having difficulty meeting key deadlines and maintaining the approved budget in designing and proofing these reports. After having been partners for nearly 20 years, and proving ourselves on countless other projects, we were approached by our client to get our thoughts on the matter.

  • We analyzed the situation and realized that a lack of organization and detailed job tracking was leading to missed deadlines and budget overages.
  • We generated a proposal to restructure the workflow of the reports at the outset of each project. The proposal also emphasized accountability and clearly defined expectations.
  • We were awarded the business and worked to implement our new procedures immediately.
  • We created a detailed schedule that tracks each report throughout its lifecycle, includes pre– and post–report cycle meetings, and focuses on quality control.

We’re proud to say that we have never missed a deadline, and have held the line on client costs.

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Case Study: Client Y Helping shoulder expansive growth

  • overhauled collateral
  • developed templates and process
  • made possible the delivery of a full suite of new collateral in 24 hours
  • increased business 18% over five years

Client Y is a global enterprise with more than 10 distinct business units, each with its own unique creative needs. They had plans to grow their presence within a certain market segment, but immediately realized that their current marketing and sales materials were inadequate. Client Y looked to Allison Associates, as a preferred vendor and trusted partner, to assist in their efforts to boost this underperforming business unit.

  • We worked with our client’s internal agency to overhaul a mix of collateral, including brochures, emails, postcards, and flyers.
  • We now develop this collateral from a series of templates, providing a “mix and match” opportunity that is adaptable to specific needs.
  • Our client marks required changes and customizations to the generic PDF templates and provides them to us, and we create the material on an as-needed basis.

Client Y’s once-struggling business unit has increased its business by 18% in the five years since implementation of the new system.

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Case Study: Client Z In the public eye

  • earned trust of nationwide public company
  • took on 25% of proofreading workload
  • handled steady increase in work volume
  • met every deadline

Client Z is a large, public company with a nationwide presence. With such a broad footprint, they were concerned that not all of their collateral was adhering to their strict brand and messaging guidelines. To present a uniform and professional front, they decided all client-facing material would go through a formal proofreading process, but did not have the internal capabilities to handle the drastic increase in work. They looked to us to help shoulder the burden.

We were intimately familiar with Client Z’s brand after working with them for more than a decade, and were a perfect complement to their internal staff. We committed to handling 25% of their proofreading needs and established a Service Level Agreement that was based on page count and complexity. Three years into the arrangement, we are proud to say that we have met every deadline and have steadily increased our work volume year over year.

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