Established in 1967

Founded in Boston in 1967 by Frank Allison, we have been in continuous operation for more than 55 years. From our humble beginnings as a local advertising agency in Park Square, we have grown, adapted, and evolved into our current company.

In 2022, we celebrated our 55th anniversary. Fifty‑five years in business is a major milestone for any company — especially a multigenerational enterprise. We’d like to thank everyone who helped get us here: employees, friends, family, and most important, our clients. Thank you for your partnership and allowing us to work with you. Here’s to another 55 years!

Our backstory

(Our clients are 
pretty awesome)

We work with organizations you know and trust

We have never, and will never, post or disclose our client roster. Why? Because we value and protect the privacy of our clients. However, we can say this about our clients: They’re pretty awesome. Some of our current clients include:

  • One of the top five banks in the U.S.
    (based on deposits)
  • One of the top five retirement services firms
    (based on recordkeeping)
  • One of the top ten higher education institutions
    (according to U.S. News & World Report)
  • Two of the top 50 global market research firms
    (by revenue)
  • A Fortune 100 insurance company
  • A Fortune 500 consumer products conglomerate
  • One of the top five investment advisors to endowments
    (by revenue)
  • A NASDAQ 100 business-to-business service provider
  • One of the top five financial services firms in the world
    (based on assets under custody and administration)
Case studies

Service offerings

You can’t be everything to everyone, so we don’t try to be. We are very good at what we do, but we’ll be honest if you need something we can’t provide. You might ask, “What is it that you do here”?

What we do at Allison Associates is create collateral and messaging. Digital or print, new or existing, small or large, it doesn’t matter.

In addition to the really creative, fun stuff every agency loves to work on, we also work on the projects that most agencies hate but are a necessity in corporate design. In fact, we’re actually really good at the things most agencies turn away. Things like editing existing source files, working in programs most designers hate like Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, and taking an initial design and creating 62 variants.

We also proofread. And not the way some firms do it, with a jack-of-all-trades designer or an account exec squeezing it in; we have professionals. Proofreading for us is more than checking for typos and spelling mistakes; it’s about reviewing for tone, feel, and character. It’s adhering to your brand standards and posing thoughtful queries.

Basically, we do whatever we can to help you deliver a superior project.

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We never outsource

In an age of outsourcing and virtualization, we are somewhat of a unicorn. We simply don’t work like that. We are a real company, with real employees and a real office. We don’t outsource or subcontract our work. Our clients hired us, not people we know.

How we implement best practices

We protect you and your information

We are extremely serious about confidentiality at Allison Associates. For all current clients, we have non‑disclosure agreements in place that clearly state the parameters of our relationship and how issues of confidentiality should be handled.

Internally, all employees are required to read, sign, and adhere to our Security & Acceptable Use Policy and our Ethics Policy. These policies clearly outline and define areas of confidentiality, corporate responsibility, and ethical workplace behavior. Internal policies are reviewed at least annually with all employees.

Let’s work together

Here when you need us

One of the unique features of Allison Associates is our staffing. While our office isn’t staffed 24 hours a day, we’re here from 8 a.m. – midnight, Monday – Friday. By allocating our staff over two shifts, we can structure our work to meet even the tightest deadlines. Many agencies struggle to meet tight turnaround times, particularly early morning requests, but our expanded office hours allow us to meet your deadlines without you needing to worry about staff shortages or incurring additional fees for overnight work.

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